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  The Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia is an association whose main aim is to protect the rights of all motorcyclists in South Australia and provide them with a voice in the public and political arenas. Our members are involved with committees to ensure your rights are represented, and motorcyclists are given fair consideration in the community. For over 30 years volunteers have been giving up their own time to write and lobby the Governments and other bodies to improve motorcycling safety.

Below is a collection of motorcycling related matters. These include events, updates to law, changes to road rules and general information for motorcyclists.
Title Description Details
Road Rule 299 VDUs on Motorcycles More
Road Rule 271 Riding on motor bikes (motorcycle control) More
Returned Rider Training    
Anti-Skid Steel Plates The use of metal road plates over a road excavation More
Lane Filtering The state of lane filtering in South Australia More
Safety Barriers Addition of motorcycle crash barriers to Adelaide Hills  
Pavement Markings Addition of grit in pavement markings  
3rd Party Premiums Discounted motorcycle 3rd party premiums  
prevention of anti-filtering laws (2005)    
Adelaide CBD Footpath Parking Call for motorcycle footpath parking in Adelaide CBD (2015) More
Adelaide CBD Parking Prevention of parking fees for motorcycles in Adelaide CBD (1980)  
Adelaide CBD Timed Parking Introduction of timed motorcycle parking in Adelaide CBD (2015)  
Motorcycling Levy    
Helmets Motorcycle Helmet Laws in South Australia More
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